Climate in Japan


Japan has four climate seasons. Its weather is a little humid.
The weather becomes very hot in summer and gets cold in the winter.
It also depends on where you visit. If you just visit Tokyo, you won’t freeze in the winter.

But, if you are planning to visit very cold Hokkaido, you have to be careful in the winter.
It is very important to know the current temperature in several sites and wear appropriately.

I won’t recommend you to travel to Japan in mid June because it rains a lot at this time.
It is not rare that it rains 5/7 days when you visit Japan in this season.
Other than that, Japanese climate is very suitable for travel.


If you come in spring, you will enjoy the beautiful kind of trees called Sakura and.
On the other hand, it changed into colorful scenes in fall. During summer, the temperature gets to a dangerous level.
It is very important to keep yourself hydrated and prepare for the heat.